Reducing the income inequality in the region in order to improve the socioeconomic mobility had always been one of the core motivations of Sri City. The organization is focused on spurring the regional competitiveness to bring out a complete positive transformation in the surrounding regions.

In order to achieve this, Sri City uses CSR as one of the key catalysts. The Sri City Foundation in association with various manufacturing units present within the industrial park currently undertake initiatives in the areas of education,skill development, healthcare and environment.


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  • Providing quality healthcare services to the entourage
  • Organising periodic medical camps for villagers and workers
  • 24/7 ambulance services

Skill development

  • Empowering unskilled people with industry skills
  • Encouraging the companies to employ local laborers
  • Basic training sessions to improve English language proficiency of students and laborers


  • Recruitment and training of teachers in order to fine tune them to keep up with teaching standards
  • Infrastructure development and face lifting of public schools in the region that are in poor state
  • Monitoring the welfare of students enrolled in public schools through various awareness programs
  • Distribution of stationery and other basic study resources


  • Organising various events throughout the year to create awareness on the exploitation of natural resources and its implications
  • Tree planting and maintenance
  • Community welfare activities such as building toilets, providing access to drinking water and maintaining a proper sewage system at the surrounding villages