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As an organization committed towards bringing a positive change to the life of millions, we at Sri City approach our CSR activities with full passion and enthusiasm. We focus on social and environmental sustainability by creating opportunities for people to learn, grow and contribute in a meaningful way. Our activities are detailed below.


  • Providing education by setting up CBSE and Government schools for hundreds of students
  • Recruiting talented teachers and providing them with special incentives
  • Mentoring and monitoring to ensure effective results
  • Contributing towards cost of security for Govt. schools and colleges
  • Supplying study materials: books, bags and stationeries


  • Training agricultural laborerswith industrial skills
  • Offering special package for companies employing local labor
  • Basic skill development programmes for uneducated people to equip them with suitable jobs


  • Providing health care services by developing health care centers and hospitals at affordable prices
  • Providing basic facilities like toilets and clean drinking water in all villages by operating a 3500 KLD Water Treatment Plant with UV treatment
  • Providing a fully operational sewerage system to treat sewage from nearby villages
  • Arranging medical camps, job fairs for villagers
  • Ambulance on call during emergencies